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We provide many different testing services above and beyond mold testing. You may be struggling with issues or other challenges that we can also address like a chemical/VOC issue, Chinese drywall, or allergens. 


We can assist you by taking air and/or surface tests. Here is a list of air quality testing services we provide to our clients:


Mold air and surface testing, using Spore Traps and Viable Culture Plate Sampling for air mold/fungal concentrations and airborne particulate. We also do direct swab/tape lift sampling and testing. We can also analyze carpeting for mold, allergens, etc.

Chinese Drywall

Test for sulfur compounds within corrosive drywall, Polyromantic Hydrocarbons.

Carbon Dioxide Levels


Legionella Testing

Within water sources.


Air and surface testing for chemicals/particulate. Providing data on VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Metals in air and on surfaces (i.e. lead). Additional chemical analysis available for specific agents.



Test for Formaldehyde levels.


Carbon Monoxide Levels


Moisture Testing

Building Components and Temperature and Humidity Levels for IAQ (indoor air quality)

Allergens & Bacteria

Allergen testing for various species (mold, cat, dog, rat, etc.) – using air and surface testing.


We also test for bacteria with surface testing after raw sewage (black water) intrusions.


LEEDS Certification

LEED’s Air Quality testing for the air section of LEED’s certification.

Carpet Dust Analysis

For mold, and selective allergens.


Limited Meth testing.

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