Roofing and Hurricane/Storm/Wind Damage Consulting

Need assistance evaluating a roof or building for hurricane/storm/wind damage?

Consult 1 routinely deals with roof/wind restoration claims or projects. Our consultants have experience in managing and estimating roofing and wind damage restoration projects. We also handle Collision Damage & Construction Defect.

Wind Damage

 Specifically, we handle:

  • Overall inspection of site, providing scope of work and estimate for necessary mitigation and/or restoration.
  • Inspection of roof and exterior and related damage. Determine extent of damage, whether or not roof or other surfaces can be repaired or have to be replaced, etc. 
  • Provide photographs.
  • Establish overall scope of work.
  • Provide detailed roof diagrams indicating dimensions and roof pitch.
  • Temporary housing and time frame for construction: evaluating the need for temporary housing and the time frame the repairs can be completed in.
  • Restoring a building after a catastrophe is a science. 
  • On site destructive and/or water testing if needed.
  • Litigation support if requested

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