Mold Inspections and Testing

Mold Inspections and Testing


Mold inspections and testing services are valuable in finding out all kinds of information related to your property - such as:

  • What types of molds are present 
  • The quantity of the molds present
  • Whether or not the molds are in an active growth phase or not

In order to address the mold problem, we first have to know this type of information so that we can then devise a plan to re-mediate and cleanup the mold.  In addition to testing we also do our very best to visually inspect the property to determine the extent of the water and mold damage.



By using a combination of information learned from the visual inspection, listening to our client, and reviewing the sampling data – we can then provide recommendations for the mold removal cleanup. This is our process:

Review Your Concerns

Mold Inspections and Testing

Discussing your concerns and asking you a series of questions to get a feel for how we can help.

Moisture/Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Typically, if you do have a mold issue you also have a moisture issue – so we do our best to find where the source of the moisture is coming from including: using moisture meters and visually inspecting the site. In certain cases, we may use leak detection equipment and/or recommend that some selective demolition be completed to find hidden leaks, etc.

Visual Inspection

mold inspection

In addition to looking for moisture/leaks, Etc we also do a visual inspection of any water or mold damage.  We also can inspect the ductwork and air handler system so that we can provide any recommendations for HVAC remediation work that may be necessary.

Field Testing

mold testing

Our field testing may include:

  • Spore trap air sampling testing
  • Direct testing: taking a bulk sample, completing swab testing, tape lift sampling, etc.


Lab Testing and Report

mold testing lakeland

We then have the testing completed by our lab. Once we have the lab data we then put a report together for you and send the results with the report and recommendations to you.


mold removal

At this point you will have the lab data as well as recommendations. The site is now ready for remediation.

mold removal lakeland

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